Seductive offer from Microsoft: 100 GB free storage space in the cloud

The company wants to attract as many users as the rival Dropbox

Microsoft is aggressively promoting OneDrive service, cloud storage. It offers 100 GB free storage space for one year OneDrive Dropbox users. The company would thus attract more customers unrivaled service.

Offer Microsoft is simple. If you already use Dropbox, all you have to do is create an account or login to your existing account on OneDrive, then allow OneDrive to send a test file on Dropbox to verify your account. If everything is ok, you get 100 GB of free storage space for one year.

Such practices are not new. The Boxing did this a year ago, but Microsoft did not give any below. Also in 2014 came with Bing Rewards offer, through which users get free cloud storage space for two years. But the irony is that Microsoft are partners regarding interconnectivity Dropbox Dropbox-Office.


A simple trick that can greatly improve the phone battery

The app only works for Android.

If you’ve ever tried to watch a video with the phone display off (ie just listen to a song, for example), you know what happens – you can not. Most players stop without matter to them if you look at a show live video or a speech, that those clips that you should not look, just listen. The phone battery is quickly exhausted because the display is on permanently.

Well, an application resolve this – Screen Backlight OFF allows you to disable the backlight without lock. Thus, the device stays on, the video continues to run and the screen will not consume your battery. To turn on the screen, just click on the screen.

To see how this works Screen Backlight OFF, see instructions in the photo gallery. SBO has a button that appears to the notification, so it can be accessed quickly. Also can let other applications, such as Tasker, stop light.

Iasi filmed 17 years ago by a passionate English means of transport – VIDEO


A man of English origin passionate about transportation means in a video posted on YouTube, in which he managed to capture the architecture and transport of Iasi 17 years ago. The video is on Youtube under the name Trams and trolleybuses Iasi Romania 1996 ‘and has over 5000 views. The Englishman has made shooting in Podu Ros and the intersections of the current Hotel Europa.
Nostalgic Dacia 1300 Iasi can see that the streets were still dominated seven years after the fall of communism the most popular car in Romania’s history. The man holds in his account more videos by public transport in the world.

Chalet Orban – Székelyudvarhely


In Transylvania, 18 km from Székelyudvarhely, the Pension Orban Subcetate lies 1 km from Zetea, in the picturesque valley of Tarnava Mare.

At 10 m from the river Tarnava Mare, our guesthouse awaits you in a quiet, calm, which gives mountain and forest scenery.

Pension Orban, ranked 2 stars, offers comfortable accommodation for 10 people in 5 rooms.

The land for almost reach the forest guest house is ideal for leisure activities. Near the forest gives the place a special peace and calm.

Filegorie equipped with grill, terrace or may place a table or enjoyable.

Orban Pension is ideal for rest and recreation throughout the year. Enjoy your near and nature, a holiday spent here.

Look keep colds away!

We are full of viruses and flu season, and those most affected are children and the elderly. Ministry of Health says the number of cases of respiratory infections is 45% higher than the same period last season. To strengthen your immune system and not get sick, Click! tells you what to eat.

Vitamin C and zinc regenerate cells. The most important sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, currants, peppers and kiwi. Find Vtamina C and tomatoes, kale, spinach, parsley, sweet potatoes, papaya, mango, cantaloupe, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and pineapple. Zinc is included in the process of producing 100 enzyme. I find usually in high protein foods: buffalo milk, peanuts, beans, whole wheat cereals, brown rice, whole wheat bread, potatoes and yogurt.

The egg yolk antibodies. Antibodies that are found in egg yolk protects us against both viruses and bacteria.

Garlic, natural antibiotic. Garlic “struggling” with increasing destructive bacteria and fungal infections. It is rich in trace elements and antioxidants strengthen the immune system.

Chamomile, a good antiseptic. From ancestors are known to have antiseptic and antibacterial chamomile, which means it helps the immune system to be “high”.

Vitamin A, essential. You can “buy” easy Vitamin A in broccoli. In addition to Vitamin A, it contains a large amount of vitamin C and glutathione, an important antioxidant.
Almonds help you release stress. Stress is one of the factors contributing to decreased immunity. Therefore it is recommended to eat a quarter cup of almonds a day. They contain Vitamin E, are rich in riboflavin (vitamin B group No, actively participating in metabolic processes, formation of antibodies, skin cells and red blood cells) and Vitamin B3.

Mushroom stalks are “struggling” with the flu. They are rich in selenium and anti-oxidants. Low levels of selenium promotes severe forms of influenza. And vitamin B, which are the fungi play an important role in maintaining an efficient immune system. Studies have shown that mushrooms have antiviral properties.

In the last week, more than 111,000 Romanian needed medical attention after they have been acute respiratory infections. Between February 9 to 15, there were 352 cases of influenza. Since the beginning of the cold season were 400 confirmed cases of influenza, six of which resulted in death.

Scary story about the most endangered monuments in Transylvania


A scary story surrounds one of the most endangered monuments in Transylvania. Despite the mysterious story that could be used as a pretext to attract many tourists, Martinuzzi Castle of Alba, is left in ruins by the authorities today.

Few know that the palace is where many people were murdered, including two of the most important leaders of Transylvania and Moldavia, and that today is on the list of most endangered monuments in our country

According to historical data, the Castle was assassinated Martinuzzi a governor of Transylvania and a ruler of Moldavia. Castle, a castle of the sixteenth century, was used as warehouse collectivization years and is at a stone’s throw from Alba Iulia, in the village of Lower Wind.

Derelict castle, where he was assassinated Cardinal Martinuzzi, governor of Transylvania, was poisoned Prince Aron Voda, previously held prisoner here, and were assassinated two Italian architects, was among the most important Renaissance palaces in Transylvania.

Mysterious castle from the Lower Wind, through walls and vegetation which grows sometimes grazing animals could be a tourist attraction, but unfortunately, the number of people who visit this place is tiny, most are tourists from Hungary.