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Towers strange that no one knows how they appeared – VIDEO

1More towers with an approximate length of 500 – 1800 years in the Himalayas, and now raises question marks researchers.

Towers of Himalayas are found more in Kham, Tibet and Sichuan and are spread both in areas with high population density, and in areas nelouite.

First time in history, these buildings have been described in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Historians believe that their basic function was to show the social position of the family that you raise.

Such a tower height exceeds 60 meters. Those who have investigated the origin of the mysterious buildings have failed to reach a clear conclusion as to the purpose for which they were built. A researcher succeeded in a few years ago to visit several villages where these towers are built bizarre.

The woman took and carried out the several samples of wood structure towers, thus made carbon tests which allowed finding the age” of the towers, write

Villagers in areas where there are these strange construction could not say who built them, but I believe in the existence of a legend of an ancient kingdom empress who was known as Empress towers“. It has been speculated about the usefulness of the buildings and the idea that it might serve defensive purposes or as may be places for storing grain.

The most sinister speculation made on the utility towers is related to a mortuary ritual found in the area of Buddhist monks at a monastery. Dead is offered as food for vultures, after a religious ceremony during which a deceased family friend dismember the corpse, to be able to feed the eagles with him.

How to make cabbage poultice and we can deal with it

TREATMENT, cabbage can be used both internally (raw or pickled), and externally, especially in the form of poultice. Poultice of cabbage is recommended as a remedy for many diseases (gastrointestinal disorders, colds, bronchitis, asthma, renal colic), skin problems (abscesses, boils, nail infection, eczema, acne, bruises, wounds, burns), neuralgia, rheumatic pain, sprains, sprain.

Use fresh leaves of kale, intensely colored and fleshy. Wash under running water, then wipe and remove the central rib of each leaf, and if the application is made on a sensitive area (burn, abscess, etc.) will be cut and side ribs. The leaves can be applied as they are, after beforehand, were crushed with a wooden roller to get the juice or can be heated on the steam bath or immersing it in hot water. Make a poultice of 2-3 leaves stacked thick, which is applied to the treated area. Over leaves put a thick cloth, and tie with a strip of gauze, without tightening too much. Preferably is to apply the poultice at night before bed to be kept as many hours in that place.

March Babel: what, how to choose baba March and how it looks

Babel March 9 in number are a beautiful spring tradition that comes from the Romans. Find out how old ladies winter and March which is calculated baba yours. And in premiere see also looks like your baba!

Dochia and 9 coats

Babel March preach the coming of spring, it is said that these days Dochia, who brings winter begins to take down the 9 coats, one for each day, and so each and outside is warmer than winter giving way spring to come.

Babel is a purely Romanian tradition, from 1 until March 9 each elect one day, or rather an old woman, so the weather so day so it is human nature that some say old, others say that as it is time that day and the next year it will be for that man. That is, if the weather is good and the sun shines that man is cheerful and good-hearted or all will go well next year, if the exchange is darker then that is not a good man at heart and is pretty miserable. Also in Romanian tradition says that if it snows or rains that day is a sign of wealth.

How to choose baba spring

The tradition is very old and comes from the Romans.
For an old woman’s choice of method is to choose your everyday between 1 and 9 March at random. Another method is to choose your baba according birthday, the day is between 1 and 9 of any month then and baba will be on the day, for example if someone born on August 6 baba’s will on March 6; if birth date consists of two digits then proceed as follows: for example someone is born on December 23, the day she fall baba is calculated as 2 + 3 = 5, so baba is on March 5.

The first days of March, always changing – are the Babe

Our grandparents knew that the first day of this month are either too cold or too hot. They called these days with changing weather, the days of old women. Where does this habit? Ethnographers say that the myth of “old women” is one of the most important Romanian myth, that of Baba Dochia. There is a belief that Dochia and took its name from the Holy Martyr Eudocia, the Church celebrated on March 1.

If we consider that in the ancient Roman calendar year began on March 1, Dochia appears as the embodiment of old, who is running out and must die. Death Dochiei day 9 March is considered the boundary between warm and cold season. The period between 1 and 9 March is the time in which celebrates its destiny Dochia climbed the mountain, with his flock to die toward rebirth. The appearance of unstable weather in this period is considered to be due to the capricious nature of Baba Dochia.

Legends about Baba Dochia are numerous. One depicts a baba who had a daughter, which afflicted whenever the occasion presented itself. Once, on 1 March, send to wash wool, but anyway, but from black to white do. Nora helps an angel. Gives a white flower and tells her to wash wool. Dochia decide to go with the sheep in the mountains, being convinced that spring had come because her daughter had seen the flower in hand.

She put fur coats nine sheep and mountain climbing. There is either too hot or too cold, the rain and wet coats. Take off one by one for coats, and they remain in the shirt comes frost and freezes. God turned it into a rock, along with sheep, memories remain.

How’s your old lady?

In traditional families when they met feminine personalities often happens that they come into conflict. The Baba” does not represent an old ugly and evil, but a woman who earn their own authority. For the first days of March had always increased atmospheric instability, pairing each woman with one of the nine days was perceived before accountability and a method for self-education and awareness of their duties in the family. Each of the nine days, depending on weather it brings, revealing the character, strengths and weaknesses each individual woman.

But beyond this game which is part of the holiday season with fixed date, March 1 to 9 Old Women, symbolized by Dochia, is nothing else than the last battle is between winter and spring. After her death, the days begin to grow and warm weather prevail.

Significance your old woman

1. Your Baba uncertain announced a year full of neprezut. Baba comes with a number of enemies who have to worry.
2. Your Baba announce you a carefree and healthy year. Enjoy your baba,
3. Your Baba is an old woman who hides a mystery. A secret of the year you can change your life for the better forever. Worth to play the lottery this year.
4. Your Baba is an old woman with magical powers. Year promises to be interesting from all points of view. Good luck but beware. It can be double-edged.
5. Your Baba baba is bringing some occasions in the past that you thought lost. Now it’s time to take advantage of them – will not return opportunities.
6. Your Baba baba is a happy and carefree. Year parties and merriment so.
7. Your Baba is gentle and takes care of you this year but have to take care of your health.
8. Baba brings a beautiful year full of achievements. No – so you wanted such a year? Well, there came such a year :)
9. Baba baba this is an old powers … and forgotten. In addition, this is a baba baba notifying you that more than 99 days you’ll be happy.

Choose your an old woman quickly between 1 and 9! Then explore how you will go all year depending on what you choose

From ancestors, keep the habit that first morning in March to put a trinket chest and we choose a Baba, from 1 to 9 March.

Thus, it is said that, as the weather in the chosen day, it will be all year, write

March 1 is Baba spring, summer March 2 is Baba and Baba fall is March 3rd. If it rains in one of these days, we have rich rain that season, if not, will be drought. So the village elders know good weather and bad weather.

If the day that you have chosen will be warm and sunny, it says that you will have a good year and rich, and everything will go well. Instead, if you will be cloudy or raining, they say that will fall upon you all sorrows and even some diseases. Also, if the wind starts beating out of nowhere, it is said that reconciliation not chip when you fight with someone.

Recipe of the day: A delicious soup with zucchini post. Here’s how to prepare

It is necessary to consume a teaspoon of this drink three times a day and try to drink for a month. The process can be repeated after six months.

The benefits they offer, associated with trust in the healing power of this combination, make it a natural medicine for many dreaded diseases that pose major problems today.

Moreover, this drink is useful for removing salts from the body, improving the vital functions of the body, cleansing the blood and strengthening the immune system, blood vessels and heart.

Also, this combination removes excess fat and improves metabolism. It can be used for inflammations caused by diseases of the female and in addition it will cleanse the body of harmful deposits.

The best thing of all this is that you can enjoy the benefits of this drink at a very low cost and with two ingredients you have at home: garlic and wine.

12 cloves of garlic

½ liter of red wine


– Clean the garlic and put it in a glass bowl. Cut each clove into four parts before I add.

– Pour half a liter of red wine garlic.

– Close the container and leave in a sunny part of the window, for two weeks.

– Shake twice or three times a day.

– After two weeks, strain the liquid and place in a dark glass bottle.