Towers strange that no one knows how they appeared – VIDEO

1More towers with an approximate length of 500 – 1800 years in the Himalayas, and now raises question marks researchers.

Towers of Himalayas are found more in Kham, Tibet and Sichuan and are spread both in areas with high population density, and in areas nelouite.

First time in history, these buildings have been described in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Historians believe that their basic function was to show the social position of the family that you raise.

Such a tower height exceeds 60 meters. Those who have investigated the origin of the mysterious buildings have failed to reach a clear conclusion as to the purpose for which they were built. A researcher succeeded in a few years ago to visit several villages where these towers are built bizarre.

The woman took and carried out the several samples of wood structure towers, thus made carbon tests which allowed finding the age” of the towers, write

Villagers in areas where there are these strange construction could not say who built them, but I believe in the existence of a legend of an ancient kingdom empress who was known as Empress towers“. It has been speculated about the usefulness of the buildings and the idea that it might serve defensive purposes or as may be places for storing grain.

The most sinister speculation made on the utility towers is related to a mortuary ritual found in the area of Buddhist monks at a monastery. Dead is offered as food for vultures, after a religious ceremony during which a deceased family friend dismember the corpse, to be able to feed the eagles with him.


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