Choose your an old woman quickly between 1 and 9! Then explore how you will go all year depending on what you choose

From ancestors, keep the habit that first morning in March to put a trinket chest and we choose a Baba, from 1 to 9 March.

Thus, it is said that, as the weather in the chosen day, it will be all year, write

March 1 is Baba spring, summer March 2 is Baba and Baba fall is March 3rd. If it rains in one of these days, we have rich rain that season, if not, will be drought. So the village elders know good weather and bad weather.

If the day that you have chosen will be warm and sunny, it says that you will have a good year and rich, and everything will go well. Instead, if you will be cloudy or raining, they say that will fall upon you all sorrows and even some diseases. Also, if the wind starts beating out of nowhere, it is said that reconciliation not chip when you fight with someone.


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