Recipe of the day: A delicious soup with zucchini post. Here’s how to prepare

It is necessary to consume a teaspoon of this drink three times a day and try to drink for a month. The process can be repeated after six months.

The benefits they offer, associated with trust in the healing power of this combination, make it a natural medicine for many dreaded diseases that pose major problems today.

Moreover, this drink is useful for removing salts from the body, improving the vital functions of the body, cleansing the blood and strengthening the immune system, blood vessels and heart.

Also, this combination removes excess fat and improves metabolism. It can be used for inflammations caused by diseases of the female and in addition it will cleanse the body of harmful deposits.

The best thing of all this is that you can enjoy the benefits of this drink at a very low cost and with two ingredients you have at home: garlic and wine.

12 cloves of garlic

½ liter of red wine


– Clean the garlic and put it in a glass bowl. Cut each clove into four parts before I add.

– Pour half a liter of red wine garlic.

– Close the container and leave in a sunny part of the window, for two weeks.

– Shake twice or three times a day.

– After two weeks, strain the liquid and place in a dark glass bottle.


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