A simple trick that can greatly improve the phone battery

The app only works for Android.

If you’ve ever tried to watch a video with the phone display off (ie just listen to a song, for example), you know what happens – you can not. Most players stop without matter to them if you look at a show live video or a speech, that those clips that you should not look, just listen. The phone battery is quickly exhausted because the display is on permanently.

Well, an application resolve this – Screen Backlight OFF allows you to disable the backlight without lock. Thus, the device stays on, the video continues to run and the screen will not consume your battery. To turn on the screen, just click on the screen.

To see how this works Screen Backlight OFF, see instructions in the photo gallery. SBO has a button that appears to the notification, so it can be accessed quickly. Also can let other applications, such as Tasker, stop light.


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