It is unique in the world! “Area immortality” discovered in a mountain resort in Romania. “The water is so pure it has no bacteria”

A freak spoken of much in the Bucegi are portals. There have been many cases in which tourists are in Urlatorii Valley said they had seen people completely disoriented, either did not know at all where they are or think they are in other places. Busteni is full of stories about the existence of portals linking Urlatorii Valley or Valley White Deer Valley.

Other appearances and portals have been reported in the area known as Blue crack. Caraiman Peak and Peak Costila are united together there is this narrow valley, which is known for paranormal phenomena that happen in it. But perhaps one of the most dangerous paranormal Bucegi area is unreal path.

If it goes Treasure Valley and climb Jepii Small can reach the area where it’s another strange phenomenon. It is a path that does not exist in reality, but sometimes, in certain conditions, forms appearing alongside real path. This surreal path is small, measuring about it about 20 inches, and those who leave the paths of uprightness and get to work on the unreal die or disappear forever.

Bucegilor peaks were recorded high levels of radiation that could not be explained. In the eastern part of Bucegi Mountains, is called the Seven Springs, according

Following research done on water samples taken from here, proved that bacterial load is zero, which is unique worldwide. The place is called “zone of immortality” and legends talk about a system of underground tunnels that run on the mountain. Who to believe that a popular tourist place so that the logs is, also, so … paranormal.muntii_bucegi


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