Rotbav village “flushed” enemy invasions – PHOTO GALLERY

About Rotbav that you may have heard in passing, but the beauty of this town Brasov really need to write. The story which is the foundation to be one as beautiful. It is said that in 1170, 11 families were brought to the area to start a new place. As enemy attacks were fashionable a few decades later, the village was moved to the east. Village name also comes after a relentlessly attacked legend tells that after such invasions people have washed clothes in the river which turned red from the blood that flowed from clothes. Rot insemand in German the word “red”.

In Rotbav than one will find only the most beautiful fortified cities of Barsa. Built around 1300, the city is a typical Saxon fortified enclosure was built around 1400, it also has a cell where prisoners were kept

Besides the fortified city, if you get the Rotbav not hesitate to visit secular oak forest, some of these grand trees with an age of over 700 years. Good to know when you get to Rotbav is that you have to visit the mineral springs. It is said since ancient times that the water of these springs help rheumatologic diseases, cardiovascular and gynecological.Rotbav1Rotbav2Rotbav3Rotbav4Rotbav5Rotbav6


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