Beheading. John the Baptist. NOT allowed to do and why

On August 29th, this Friday, Orthodox believers celebrate Beheading of St. John the Forerunner of the Lord. Those who want to wash their sins should keep fasting. And, according to popular belief, you should avoid eating grapes and red cabbage and foods.
In memory of the blood shed by Sântion or Sântion fall (as it is called, the people of Saint John the Baptist), tradition required not to consume red wine, no food and meals, which are the same color (watermelon, red peppers , tomato sauce, red meat – not so, because it is a day of fasting, etc.).

No do not eat cabbage, because this vegetable has a negative connotation to this day: legends say that St. was cut cabbage head 7 times and as many times raised; so it is that today’s feast is also called “St. John cut cabbage head
Do not use blade sweep

Here are some other prohibitions which, if followed, helps relieve sins:
do not use plates or other dishes (because, after being cut, the saint’s head was placed on a plate);
Do not cut food with a knife (all on a method that killed John the Baptist), eats everything breaks hand;
not used sweeping, to not disturb the dead.

Fast, if you cursed

Sometime Sântion station is holding “from cross to cross” of 29 August to Cross Day (September 14). Believers ate once a day, a cake of wheat or corn, baked by them. Only those who had committed very heavy sins were allowed to eat berries. They slept on the ground (if possible without litter) and at the end of fasting, alms were at church.

Today, the Church recommends fasting (but black) only on 29 August (folk tradition “sweeten” the post, making it possible to eat grapes). Those who have the strength to keep it facilitates their own souls or the souls of relatives to help save the worst sin: abortion, murder, theft, curse especially on their children.

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