Durău Monastery – Neamt

Since the beginning of the eighteenth century there was a monastery of nuns near Durău. After they came to the Hermitage Hangu monks and the Church today Durău stood in place of the old monastery. Hangu Hermitage decay led to the liquidation of relations of subordination that was forced to maintain their monastic settlement at Durău. As Princely Palace, Dura was a favorite meeting place and staging for numerous political personalities, literary, cultural and artistic. Metropolitan Veniamin Costache, whose residence is still preserved today, Emil Garleanu, N. Gane, Alexander Vlahuta, Barbu Delavrancea, Caragiale, Aurel Baesu, Sadoveanu were some of the personalities of those times that passed by this place.

 In recent years, regained tough convent and was arranged as pastoral Cultural Center of the Romanian Patriarchate, occupying a special place in our country monastic network (Pastoral Cultural Center St. Daniel the Hermit” was given in the year 1995). Church Annunciation” is built of stone and brick and is legally quite interesting architectural achievement by combining traditional elements with newerMoldovan, even borrowed from secular monumental construction
Great value of the monument from Durău result of the special qualities of the painting but that Nicholas Tonitza and his students have made ​​it in the years 1935-1937. Inside, the porch is well defined and separated from the nave by a massive wall that encased votive inscription
Tonitza‘s painting from Durău is needed especially originality ideas they say, the audacity to circumvent some pictorial precepts established by the practice of so many centuries and through a tradition that often proved more powerful than the passing generations. Today, the monastery Durău is visited by almost all tourists arrive in the resort of the same name, to spend a few days relaxing or climb Ceahlau.


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