The night God is slapped and whipped people, Peter loses mental nets, falls in fear and despair, forsake who received, curses and swears that it does not know the Knower of his life. And in that moment, he realizes the infinite love of Christ devastating earthquake comprises soul goes out and weeps bitterly for his denial.

Terrible suffering heart to who was beaten, bleeding pain his soul to the Crucified. All the certainties of his life based on land and sea stone crush his heart flooded with tears. Abolishes itself to make room for him who forgives the entire universe. The complaint turns wiped tear on the face. For him, lepădatul, there is nothing but Christ crucified, beaten, wounded, killed his pentrumântuirea. Hence Peter dies for good and start a new life in which death is negligible and immortal life is înstăpâneşte over the world.

It forgave threefold testimony of love that becomes clear threefold denial and Chalice of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost the Church of Christ at the Eucharist watering. Talk to Pentecost and thousands of people are baptized in the name of the Trinity. Presiding synods apostolic humility and mourning listen to his heart failure. Was crucified life the pain denial Creator and humbly chose to die on a cross, head down, looking at the sky on which the desired and expected lifetime and to confess unworthiness to die for God .

Paul was the total opposite of Peter. Preaînvăţat Rabin by a Jewish subtle innate genius of the Torah and staunch defender of Jewish worship, Paul went to death Christian sect that claims all prophecies and Testament. Professor of theology, prophecy researcher, PhD Law Paul was the cure for any ideological deviation. He witnessed his death, watched impassively as Christians were brought dead to the Crucified, was mobilized in the persecution of the Galileans. He was relentless in his theology depth, insidious, self-sufficient and confident that blood must eradicate ideological rebellion of Christians. Divine magic, hear voice from heaven, sees the supernatural light that blinds the eyes and feels the power of the living God, which he studied in entomological targumelor a viaţă.Înţelege that Christ is the Church, hearing the words of Saul , Saul, why are you persecuting me? Understand that every pain hurts infinite God Church, that the crush injuries are wounds of Christ, that each tear of Christians flows through God’s eyes. Depth teaching of rabbinic opens to the sky prophecy fulfillment in the Messiah. Becomes the fierce persecutor, the chosen apostle and theologian of the mysteries of God. Nestled in the heart of unbelief is spike Jews and crushes all the grace and knowledge of the Talmud theological evasions. Going into the wilderness to see God and country through lacrimi.Porneşte mission across Europe with his hands, seeding Word of the Gospel. Nothing can stop him, no persecution, no terrible disease, no suffering, no death, the sacrificial apostleship.


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