It is said that on the day Peter and Paul, nightingales and cuckoos do not sing, and women should not be allowed to eat apples until this day. Widows are not allowed to eat apples until the day of St. Elias, to be healthy. And about Cuckoo says that hawks turns on this day, they returned to their original form on the day of the Annunciation. Sânpetru is best known Romanian folk calendars, he did not have a fixed number of days of fasting and being heralded by the appearance firefly silence cuckoos.

Traditionally, Sânpetru Earth appears as either character or the celestial deity. It is said that the great calendar holidays (Christmas, New Year, Epiphany, ground, Sangiorz, Midsummer) Sânpetru can be seen from Earth at midnight, when the sky opened for a moment, sitting at God’s right royal table. Sânpetru adviser is a good God who consult him in making decisions, and most popular “saint” of the popular calendar.

Of over 260,000 Romanian, which celebrates its birthday on this day of celebration, we wish them happiness, good health and good cheer


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