Bat Cave Mountain Rarău

Romania hide underground caves about 12,000 whose galleries totaling 1,000 km: Scărişoara Glacier Cave Bear Cave Bistriţei Scărişoara Cave Woman Cave Bat Cave Ialomiţei Cave Wind Cave Meziad.
Certainly one of the most accessible mountain ranges, yet extremely attractive, is rare. Mrs. Stone‘s gorges known or Devil’s Mill, Secular Forest Bat Cave bring many tourists adventurous nature wild Carpathians.
Bat cave is in the hill Rarău Hăghimiş, the commune Pojorâta, and is situated about a mile from Lady Rocks at an altitude of about 1,500 meters. The cave entrance is composed of a shaft about 14 m deep cave with a development of 340 m and a bump of 86 meters. May called on-board fence and is the largest cave in Romania gravitational pull.

Formed in limestone formations but without the concretion, is known because colonies of bats that have found shelter inside the dark cave. In winter, this is the largest number of bats in eastern Romania, being found over 12 different species, including: mustache bat, Brandt’s bat, bat eared bat common small common bat big brown bat eared , the lesser horseshoe bat. It is different from other caves in the country due to lack of stalactites, stalagmites, or any kind of calcite deposition. Unlike them, which were created by the flow of water, cave bats in Rarău formed by stone block cracking and slipping less rigid substrate due to gravity traction side.
Cave has in its six rooms: Hidden Room, Meeting branched rectangular hall, Sala Bats Tapered bright room and hall. The link between rooms is through wells depths of nearly 14 feet.
Near the cave can admire Lady Rocks which flowers grow atop Queen, who is one of the most interesting geological forms cela East. Also not far from them you can visit the Devil’s Gorge, the best preserved of the entire area protected as geological and stretched over an area of ​​10 ha.
Reserve Slătioara, better known as “Secular Forest at Slătioarakeeps on about 600 ha, a remnant of woody vegetation that covered mountains centuries ago in northern Moldova. The reserve is situated on the southern spur of rare, comprising monumental trees, fir and spruce, with a diameter of over one meter in height up to 50 meters and aged between 400 and 500 years, is considered one of the oldest in Romania.
All these natural beauties can be admired hike that we recommend to do the massive Rarău. Is provided to a vast network of tourist routes which allow knowledge of the area and wildlife merge with the massive Bucovina.


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