Castle in Miclauseni

Miclauseni Castle is just 65 miles away from Iasi, on the left side of the road leading to E 583 Roman town Butea. The castle withstood time and the people who have protected or, on the contrary, they tried to destroy him and remained silent witness of some noble era long gone. In the fifteenth century, the ruler Alexandru cel Bun gave her Miclaus Governor, member of the royal council, an area generally located near the Siret River floodplain. After the death of Governor, the estate was known as the Miclauseni. At the end of the eighteenth century, the rightful heirs of the estate, leaving no survivors, the relatives have left Sturdza family.

Ioan Sturdza (1710-1792) who was the first to Miclauseni built a mansion in 1755. This was the basement and ground floor and it was built in the shape of a cross. The mansion had 20 rooms, each ten on each level. To raise the castle, George Sturdza borrowed Land Credit Society the sum of £ 100,000, which was to a numerariu pay in gold coins.”

. Church has a beautiful baroque iconostasis and many valuable religious objects with Sturdza family has endowed her. In the church are buried Alecu Sturdza Miclausanu son of Demetrius, who died in 1848.


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