The sun of love

Sanzienele represents a good opportunity for the young people who want to share their destinies, a celebration of love, honor properly, with song and dance. On the eve SANZIENELE girls and boys who are to be married in the village gather in the evening. E joy, good cheer and everyone is with an open heart. They hold fairground with swings and rides. The lads lit bonfires. Big girls collected on the field bedstraw flowers and garlands intertwined. Then take over the houses coronets. If you stumble or clung to the chimney, proclaiming a close marriage. At dawn the young men gather in groups and cross villages with bedstraw flowers on hats. Choose “Dragaica”. It is proposed one of a group of seven sides. It must be the most beautiful, the good and the good of the village girls. It will be adorned with ears of wheat. The other young man dressed in white. Thus formed Drăgaicei procession through the village and the fields starts. At the crossroads girls do a dance and sing merry. Often “Drăgaicele” are confused with “Sanzienele”. According to some experts, the feast SANZIENELE originated in a cult of ancient Geto-Dacian Sun. These characters were often represented by the Thracians chained in a dizzying dance that goes round

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