Bathed in dew

Ceremony includes then the whole village. Households receive a ear of wheat, which he placed on the beam in the barn. They hope that by then they were gathering corn height. Elders talk that Midsummer Night, Fairies gather and dance in the woods. Who sees them remain silent forever or damblageste. They also believe that whoever does not comply Dragaica can have many misfortunes: who wash, sew and sweep that day may die struck. The people say that girls who want to marry quickly should wash with dew. But for this bathing ritual to have the desired effect, it complies with certain conditions: the dawn of inviolate places, old women gather dew SANZIENELE in a white cloth, new cloth, and squeeze into a new pot. On the way home, they do not speak at all, and especially do not need to meet anyone. If all this is accomplished, who are washed with dew that will be healthy and lovingly over year. Married women can also ritual, to be loved all year husband and have beautiful and healthy children.


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