Wilds of Plains – Two village residents

At the beginning of the third millennium, many rural settlements Alba is on the verge of extinction. Increased significantly in the past 20 years, depopulation of villages and hamlets became uncontrollable, some localities are effectively removed from the map. Once prosperous and populous villages and Craiva (common Cricău) Zărieş (ling) or Plains (Almaşu Great) now have only one or maximum two people.
Statistics show that no less than 54 places in Alba County had a population of under 100 inhabitants. After the last census in 1977, 1992 and 2002, the other about 100 municipalities have a population plummet. According to the latest census of 18 March 2002 in White County are currently 34 localities with less than ten people. Six of them are gone from the earth, since they are recorded in the official … 0 people! Demographic flow explanations offered by experts are classic: the lack of jobs, unable youth experimentation, pollution, lack of roads and electricity, insulation, etc. Yet survivors settlements forgotten dust of time, very few in number, are keen to resist among the ruins. Even if this discharge in isolation motivates people to … wild.

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