Plains hamlet is not the only example of a sharp depopulation of common Almaşu Mare. In 1990, it had 3,000 inhabitants, but now are only 1,824 souls. The village Brădet (seven kilometers away from the center) were Ceausescu, 130 inhabitants, operate a school and a convenience store for the villagers. Now BRADET just ruin in old age who take only 17 people. Great Almaşu population exodus has deep social connotations. Once there were two mining colonies in the area, Albini and Haneş. The former activity was reduced completely, and in the second mine anymore few who commute.

This is compounded by poor communications invoice, transport infernal, lack of jobs, and pollution of the Zlatna, which drove many locals in places without dust and sediments. A Almaşu Great news for would be that about a year and a half was a little off migration and the population tends toward the expected stabilization. Until then, the old man of George and Saveta Plains, along with the other 17 people in the village Brădet continue to live as hermits in the wilderness, without blaming anyone or anything. That’s because, for these people, life is really just God given …


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