While trying to soften the owner, that the earth appeared woof house her husband. The man, a former miner at Haneş over 30 years, it seems more communicative, even if the ax in his right hand show a .. olive. Conversation difficult it arrives. Santa sociologist George has an explanation on the death of the village. “The village he lived very well in the old days, like other places, because the Communists gave them to people to work and live. Were other conditions. Ago Americans come to make us unemployed. In ’46, when I came here, were 13 families with children and households the world. youth are gone, they have not had that done.’s just you, yes I’m sorry, “said the old man eagerly pulling out a cigarette. For two years, George and his wife Saveta have not seen a human face by Plains. The worst has been the winter of 2000 when “days in a row we were paths that snow was up to my neck.” Their life is not enviable, but the former miner, used to the rough, do not complain about anything. Simply it is best, in isolation and wilderness.

Although moving to the city where the two say they will not leave the hamlet until the end of days. Habit to communicate only among themselves made automatically reject any discussion. For understandable reasons related either protection or slightly wild in relation to what is called civilization. And to show us that the last mocan the Apuseni isolated as it is, has not disappeared humanity, Santa George climbed into the attic and down with half a bottle of plum brandy “from her mother.” “So, to have the way, that’s not really short,” says the old man instead of “goodbye” …

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