Two medium voltage lines show you the way to the only inhabited house in the village. The wilderness area, tracking current thread is the only way to help you not get lost. After another few hundred yards, the trail suddenly opened and in its place appears a portion of beaten earth, gently rising up-household yard.

In front of the house, a family and a dog watching us not too friendly. The owner eyes flashed as if we have come to take “Foncier” and when there was two to three meters tell “Kiss your hand” into the house and slams the door behind her. “I talk to you, you want me to see my daughter Alba we stand and we struggle here,” is heard from behind the woman’s response to our request to wear a short dialogue. In the yard, the dog does not bark, but he is clearly bothered by the presence of “foreigners”. Behind the door, a woman feels ashamed that “I came to be alone in the village and” not understand “care” for our all this “banality”.


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