Plains hamlet is situated 9 kilometers from the center of Almaşu Mare in the Westerns Zlatna. Half the distance you could go through the car, if you have one, the “format” the terrain through dozens of bumps up over Haneş mining exploitation. Then a barely visible trail of grass, “the way” to the village forgotten by everyone through it in step walk as watching a football match, without overtime. We accompany the soul of the common culture, Emilian Achim, who knows all the villages Almaşu Great as his own museum. “It’s hard to get in Plains, says Mr Achim, even for locals. Before the Revolution, lived here 13 families. Ago just one, two elders. Not know how to react, because I’m not used to guests. have a relative in the city, but does not take long looking one. “

The path to the Plains up and down some steep hills, crossing a patch of forest and finally appear homes. In fact, what’s left of them. There are some old peasant roofs of straw and mud, which should be transported urgently to a village museum before collapse. Drugs, there are some big houses solid, over which still leaving traces left. Vegetation, in turn, owns the village Autumn in all its splendor. Here and there, one reddish roof echoes the view from tall trees grown elsewhere everywhere. Former streets of the village are now just a humble paths, which springs gurgling few who have chosen one course, after people have left for good.


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