Endangered villages of Alba are placed generally in very inaccessible areas. To get to them you must walk miles on foot across the hills, valleys and mountains in the midst of scenery leads you to think … Amazon rainforest.

Between localities that stands up … two people Zărieş village, commune Ling, located on the left bank of the Mures. Here, one old, over 60 years, watching the towering ruins of yesteryear. Now Zărieş village no longer exists on any map of Alba County and its only inhabitant is called by those who come to work the lands in the area “Mayor ruins”. If Zărieş depopulation has a natural reason, ie a series of landslides strong intensity at Craiva and Plains, leaving the causes of the fathers are more human. In both villages there is only one family, husband and wife, aged 70-80 years, who heroically resisted away from civilization and former şezătorilor memory. Neighbors went to cities in the hope of a better life, but the two families did not want in any way to follow any longer, nor they, nor their children simply love the land that saw the light of day …


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