This month, on the twenty, commemorating saints, sea, crowned by God and the Apostles, the great Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena.

This great among kings , blessed and ever memorable Constantine was the son of Constantius , called Chlorine, and Precious Elena . Constantius was nephew daughter of Claudius who reigned in Rome before Diocletian and his kingdom Carin . This Constantius , after being received by Diocletian and Maxentius Erculiu to be a partaker of their kingdom , when Maximian Galerius along with other persecutors , risen strongly persecution of all Christians , meekness and mercy employing himself more strongly on those who fighting for the faith of Christ and partakers of jobs use royal advisers . Teaching him proper honor Constantine beloved son who they named after the first Christian emperor , left heir of his kingdom , the islands of Britain. After Constantine was warned of things dishonest , immoral , pernicious and bad , which was in Rome, Maxentius , son of Erculiu , and urged the godly zeal and calling on Christ with the armies , he came down against Maxentius . So , seeing God ‘s soul cleanliness was shown first in sleep, then in the afternoon , imagining the star sign of the Cross wrote : pointed at him and those who were worthy. So daring in the face of the Cross and making gold cross on weapons , went to Rome, and Maxentius loser threw himself into the river Tiboni , drowning him Milva near the bridge , and it has delivered its citizens from the tyranny of Rome . Then the great Constantine, starting from the Roman fortress and going about he wanted to build a city on his behalf Ilion , where it is said that there was war with Hellenes Trojans ; but was stopped by divine notice and was commanded by the God rather Byzantium to build the city . So , following the will of the divine , God built this fortress guarded in his name , he also brought of God as a firstfruits of his faith. And because search preciousness of faith in our time , the Nicene bishops gathered from all sides , which was proclaimed the Orthodox faith , and the Son was consubstantial with the Father known and Arie and those with him were put under anathema , along with hula them. He even sent his mother Helena to Jerusalem to search reverend wood that was nailed to the body of Christ our God ; then , these holy wood parts were moved , that the hand was placed right in Jerusalem and brought the other side of the royal city .Immagine


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