Empress Helena, after arriving in Constantinople , he committed his life ; and the great Constantine, adorned the city with innovations and banquet , and a little something going over forty-two years of his kingdom , and since the war with the Persians , and in some village near Nicomedia being moved by the Lord , and was brought to his city , where he was received with reverence and greeting too assented , was placed in the church of the holy apostles . And the New Rome reigned in the building world , five thousand eight hundred and eighteen and the coming one in the flesh of our Savior God three hundred thirty-seven , being the thirty- second king of August .

And the Holy Church celebrates the memory of the great church holy apostles and divine church in Monastery Chinsterna of Vis , where Patriarch going with the king and his retinue with litanfe commit bringing divine Mysteries.

Also on this day , commemorating the new pious martyr St. Pachomius , who testified at the Philadelphia called USACE , to the year one thousand seven hundred and thirty ( 1730 ) , and that the sword was committedImmagine


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