Turda, land of the 12 winds

Turda, Cluj County is located in the south and is the second largest city in the county , as Cluj -Napoca . Were discovered here traces of human dwellings dating from the Paleolithic , traces found in the 60 caves and grottoes of the famous reserve Turda Gorge .
According to legend , there are 12 wind Turda , how many months are in year four more, depending on the direction of the bat . It tells people that the winds would keep Sunday the 12 sons who roam the world after they return from their mother to tell him what they saw. Winds were from Turda and names depending on the area that beat : Clujeanu come with rain coming Balgradenul Abrudean and drought and dryness. Turda , Turda brought wind that blows from the harsh winter .
Another legend says that the lord of the winds would have been an old man who had three sons who were hiding in caves in the mountains Turda , Cluj and the Bihor you .
Here, in Turda , and is perhaps the most valuable of Dacian settlements , ancient village whose name is mentioned (and that of Budapest) in the Geography of Ptolemy ( second century Hr ) Potaissa , who knew it flourished during the Roman domination in Dacia


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