This month, on the twenty-third, increased memory and Great Martyr St. George the Trophy-bearer.

This beautiful and famous sea and Great Martyr George, lived in the time of Emperor Diocletian, pulling out of Cappadocia, the brilliant and enlightened nation, the band of men that was called tribunes; and when he was to suffer was to honor governors committed.

With king going to make war on Christians , commanded to be worthy of royal honors and gifts to those who will reject Christ will leave . And the sky will not obey the command to have the death penalty . Then the saint he was present , said Christian, rebuking futility and helplessness of idols , taking into laughter those who believed in them. Neplecându itself nor deception , nor promises of the tyrant , who was more like this, no îngroziri but see unnoticed notable of all, that first hit him in the belly with a spear . And when the spear pierced his flesh, blood flowed more; and the tip of the spear went back and remained holy sound. Then tying him to a wheel pinned with sharp irons , which was started from the top to the valley , and breaking the body into several pieces , with the divine angel he remained healthy. And depicting the saint before the king and his Magnenţiu , who sat beside him and sacrificed to idols for their health saint attracted many to faith in Christ, which of the king were cut heads out of the city . And coming to Christ and Empress Alexandra confessed Christ before the tyrant God . Many others believed in Christ , seeing that the holy sound out of a lime pit that had been thrown . Then have your feet shod with iron shoes that had nails and forced him to run . But again put the beat without any mercy with dried ox comes . And Magnenţiu sign asking to resurrect a dead who were buried in tombs that were there that were long dead, and by holy prayer over the grave , raised the dead and worshiped saint and glorified Deity of Christ . And asking the dead king who is , and when he died, he replied that it is the people who lived before the coming of Christ , or more than three hundred years and more , and as the fire burned so many years because of the abominable falsehood . For many believing that great , and multiplied to faith , glorifying God with a voice , among which was also Glicherie whom ox died , and rose saint . From the miracle true faith in Christ, he took the crown of martyrdom , making it several pieces with swords pagans . So many come to Christ for what they saw , and yet because Saint George entering the temple idols , he commanded a graven image , to say whether he is God , and he deserves to be worshiped by the people . And the devil that was in him crying answered that one true God : Christ and of the idols were all disturbed and fell and were crushed . What you can not bear those who believe in idols they caught the holy and brought him to the king , and asked rather death over his response ; and the king commanded to cut the holy sword and Empress Alexandra . St. George was beheaded , and St. Alexandra by prayer in prison and gave soul to GodImmagine


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