ImmagineHere’s another great made ​​to Mitylene and all thought and all dread hearing. For in this place is a church of the great martyr George, very glorious and famous . And it is usually to raise the saint’s day a great multitude of people in all years , to feast at the church . This finding agarenii they were suddenly struck Crete at the time vigil on how many were in the church, and they got tied together with how they could catch people out, that most escaped . Those who caught them , they went to Crete , among which was a young man that has given Saracens who caught him by Amira , one who was over Hagarenes . And passing some time until he reached the year , and came to the feast and Exalted Martyr, youth served by Amira ; and his parents letting their habit have not been ungrateful child loss , but putting your hope in God and thanking the saint , and the feast after making usually have to call out the meal that were called ; mother and child returning to church, fell to the ground weeping and praying saint , to deliver her son from slavery , in what way will know , the almighty and divine gift of the Holy Spirit, who lived in him . And the help is not quick to overlook the tears of women. And after she had finished the prayer , guests sitting at the table, the woman’s husband at the table mentioned first aid saint , and who are ready mending wine. Then in God’s great wonder was made glorified and almost unbelievable to those who knew the glorious things of God. But if they think to Habakkuk that the rapture angel fully weather was twinkling from Jerusalem to Babylon , unbelievers will not show any of it. For the hour that had come to drink young and cooked like to give to Amira in Crete, Mytilini was in his mother giving wine. Seeing all that mass were young, were great. And wondering where and how one is in the midst of them , he said : ” Filling the cup of wine to give it to Amira in Crete , I was kidnapped by a man glorified , who put me on his horse , right hand holding the cup , and holding my left mid , me to be as I see in you . ” These hearing them and seeing them , were surprised by that miracle . And he arose from the table , giving praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God all night , praising His holy martyr.


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