MARAMUREŞ most beautiful traditions and customs

The Christian celebration of the year is sacredly observed today and Maramures . Traditions and customs dating back hundreds of years , still endures in Maramures villages and people learn from generation to generation how to prepare for the Easter holidays . Whether it’s Lent or holidays in Maramures there are habits that can be seen in every home, every man .

It begins with Lent . During this period, Maramures not only abstain from food , but see the post as a time of cleansing the soul. ” When we talk Lenten not a normal day job . There are days you have to give up vices, the stubbornness of everyday practical must refrain from what you love most , “said Janeta Hammer , ethnologist .
In Holy Week , each housewife prepares food for the Passover meal and clean the house. But besides all this , one of the most important moments is egg painting , which began here dinVinerea Mare.

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