In Arges, girls night Joimăriţa controls

Horelor tradition held on the occasion of the great Christian feasts in villages preserved Arges habit that people make their clothes twice a year: Easter and Christmas. According to the objection, the girls have to sew them to exit on Holy Thursday morning, or have to endure punishment Joimăriţei.

Once each girl designed a model ie own time and grab the sewing so that you end up on the Wednesday of Holy Week the last day in May young were allowed to spin and sew.

On this night, Joimăriţa an ugly old girls passing by the house each to see if it has or has not done. Women who had managed to enter the work or which copiaseră an older model or one from a neighboring coal burnt fingers of Joimăriţa, they reviled as stinks to tow / Feel free to Wicks, / Feel free to laziness the child.


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