IASI Why are painted eggs on Holy Thursday. Easter Traditions and superstitions in Moldova

Christian Orthodox believers scrupulously respect the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs , usually referring to the sacrifice on Mount Calvary Savior .

Practice painting Easter egg is based on several legends arising from the dawn of Christianity. Meanings have been passed down from generation to generation , and in recent decades have been included in studies published by renowned Romanian researchers .

One legend says that the Virgin Mary would have gone on Mount Calvary , to complain about Jesus Christ, the Saviour was crucified . Saint Mary brought with her a basket filled with eggs , which he placed under the cross , and the eggs were stained with the blood dripping from the wounds of Jesus.
Another version of the origin of the custom of coloring eggs is that Hebrew stones thrown upon the Saviour nailed to the cross would have turned red eggs .

A third legend refers to a banquet held by Pontius Pilate , procurator of Judea , in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Holy Week . In the middle of the party , senior officials of the Roman Empire was informed by a centurion that Jesus Christ was resurrected . On hearing this , Pilate would have spoken ” Then Christ will rise when the egg it will become red

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