Since this is the largest and most important holiday of Christianity it is preceded by a period of major preparation . People are preparing spiritually , going to confession , physically taking their post and household cleaners , and the village cemetery << >> ( cemetery / No ) “, says John Tosa , a researcher at the Museum of Cluj Entografic . On Holy Thursday , in Transylvania , there wont tree. On the morning of this day , the church is a special service that requires decorating a tree . ” Typically using a plum not very high , which is adorned with dried berries – plums, apples, pears, corn >> << cocks and lately even candy . They were drawn in a thread that was put on the tree . The tree was placed in a new earthen vessel , and near it were made ​​of clay saucers and Canute , all noi.De also near the tree was a ring round the hallowed white bread dough , which she gave to the priests at the end. After the service , the children were given poamele and the tree was thrown . The habit of the tree symbolizes the offerings to the dead soul “, said Tosa . He showed that the tree habit is practiced at weddings , and funerals . ” The wedding is called in some places , the tree of heaven and is adorned with some turtle -shaped birds . Wedding are two birds , and the înmărmântare only one , “adds the expert . After the tree habit , ending the period in which people could confess .


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