In this period, to the resurrection, faith and customs of the Romans met. Some spiritual advice that people should respect the sanctity and might help to have health and prosperity throughout the year. Christians go to church to confess and receive Holy Communion. Of old, some traditions are respected and are accepted by the Orthodox Church.

On Good Friday morning , before sunrise, the people running barefoot through the dew or bathe in rivers secretly believing that in this way will be healthy throughout the year . In the evening , however, the entire village went to church Bukovina to attend job of removing the air and passes under it .
The eggs are not painted on Good Friday . Housewives are advised to paint eggs either Maundy Thursday or Saturday before Easter , in any case Friday. On this day, should not do anything. It is also good that the eggs are dyed red as this color is the blood of the Savior . On Good Friday , the faithful keep fasting for the remission of sins , and to have enhanced health.

Another Good Friday is usually related to the remembrance of the dead. People share cups, mugs tradition speaks of Holy Thursday , we come across the grave the recipient . The people are told that it is better to light a candle at the grave or the yard for the last day of remembrance of the dead of Lent , the departed return home .

Bathing ritual. It is a symbol of cleansing body and soul which is Good Friday . Also, on Easter Sunday , the faithful wash water they put a red egg and a silver coin

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