EXCLUSIVE! The famous monument of Prince Stephen the Great, found in Iasi

One of the most valuable monuments from the ruler Stefan cel Mare will join a long process of rehabilitation and restoration • This is the famous stone bridge, dating from the late fifteenth century, Zlodica village commune Ceplenita Iasi

A new chance for restoration and rehabilitation of an important monument of Iasi. After the concrete efforts of the county cultural coordinator, Virgil Babii and the mayor Dumitru Laiu in common Ceplenita famous stone bridge, dating from the late fifteenth century, the village Zlodica could be rebuilt with European funds

The cellar, which dates from the reign of Stefan the Great, is part of a larger whole, which includes a bridge that, a wooden church. So we, with the support of the county cultural, ie its Coordinator, Mr. Virgil Babii, we launched this process of restoration and reabililitate of these remains important, since three years ago. Now, with the emergence of the opportunity to obtain EU funds for our project, we can complete it. Beautiful evidence of our past history and would be a great pity we can not recover and play tourist circuit. What we have now is related to the ancient trade route between Cotnari and Harlem, the time of the great ruler Stefan cel Mare “said Dumitru Laiu, Mayor Ceplenita.


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