Metropolitan Cathedral

Information campaign conducted by the Center for Pilgrimage “Saint Paraskeva” and newspaper “Regional Event Moldova”

Metropolitan Cathedral
  Rediscover churches and monasteries of the Archdiocese of Iaşi, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina – today Mitropilitană Cathedral in Iasi, wearing patronage “Saint Paraskeva”, “Candlemas” and “St. George

In place of two former founders , in 1833 work began to build a new sanctuary . The idea of ​​building a monumental churches due zeal and effort Veniamin Costache . Unfortunately, nine years later , everything falls apart . In 1842 , Bishop was forced to withdraw from the chair. The resistance of the central dome of the church gave way, and abode remained in ruins until 1880 , when Bishop Joseph the Spirit of Moldova , as people called him during his lifetime , he resumed work and was able to pursue their end.
Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi was about , like , the destiny of this great hierarch . In 1833 , the first implementation milestones and Ionian attended an orphan child refugee from Bessarabia – the future Metropolitan Joseph Naniescu . This great church consecrated on 23 April 1887 in a national event , which took part including King Carol I and Queen Elizabeth .
Renaissance Cathedral of Iasi is a monumental rectangular , four towers marked the corners of cutout . The architectural style of Alexander Orăscu is inspired by the late Italian Renaissance forms , like the famous church of ” Trinita del Monte ” in Rome. Decorative elements both indoors and outdoors , are dominated by Baroque . The painting was done in such a way as to create a consistent architectural style . The painter George Tattarescu , at age immaturity artistic cathedral adorned with icons and impressive decorative elements .
The Metropolitan Cathedral is , in 1889, the shrine with the relics of Saint Paraskeva . Protector of Moldavia was brought from the Church of the Three Holy Hierarchs , and the relics were placed in a silver coffin , completed on 6 November 1891 by jeweler George Ropal . On the right side of the narthex , near the coffin of Saint Paraskeva , is filed and a massive reliquary with relics of Metropolitan of Moldova and Suceava, Veniamin Costache . Who completed the foundation , Metropolitan Joseph Naniescu , is on the same side of the Saint, outdoors , in a nice neat grave , which come to worship every day , hundreds of believers.
Court and the Metropolitan Cathedral are eternal pilgrimage . Moreover , every year on 14 October , thousands of devotees from across the country come to worship , to pray and to thank Agia Paraskevi , protector of Moldavia and the whole country.

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