First , you can encourage your partner to change their identity. Scientists specializing in social studies for some time know that identity is influenced by the environment. In fact Akerlof argues that the modeling power of culture ( to transcend existing identity ) is one of the reasons why poverty persists . A motivated teenager from a tough school , you will be subject to sanctions identity colleagues . And so, like all his fellow location to sustain for his success , they will tend to maximize the utility of identity , rejecting behavior colleague .

Thus, they are looking to change the identity of the partner, then maybe you should change the people , the culture in which he spins , the one you consider most appropriate .

Another way would be to try to do that the behavior you want to adopt look closer partner ‘s identity . For example , perhaps some housewife job is really very difficult to achieve and so it needs to be done by a person masculine and strong. Or maybe if you hit the laundry basket with dirty socks made ​​clew earn one point . Strategies are varied and involve even a bit of fun , and Akerlof argues that they function in both sexes .


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