9. How to identify a liar

” First, there is a simple rule for identifying a liar. Things do not match. That voice does not match what he says, the words do not match the look on your face does not fit mimics what says “says Paul Ekman , a professor at University of California – San Francisco.

But things may be more complicated than that. ” The second step , more specifically , keep microexpressions ” he says. Instead these microexpressions to last two or three seconds , they have a duration of about 1/25 of a second and almost always show emotions that person a liar trying to hide .

Of course, this second step involves preparation and a highly developed capacity for observation , which is why , Ekman created a special program that allows us to gain experience on the site http://www.paulekman.com ( free trial version ) .

” On the other hand , just because they identify a microexpression not mean that someone is lying ,” says Ekman . Imagine that the police asks you if you killed your spouse . Microexpression expressing anger appeared that the question will not have anything about the truth , for example.

Moreover, about 5 % of individuals are not princes lying even with this method. In these individuals , artists Ekman calls them natural and despite knowing the secret that can turn a man into a good liar, Ekman refuses to give advice on this, saying that it helps not only to catch liars and their creation.

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