8. How to avoid to steal your car?

CSI Ben Vollaard , Tilburg University , the Netherlands, argues that ” car thieves are just like you and me. Seek to maximize their gains and minimize losses . ” In other words , car thieves are rational animals .

Vollaard revealed that car theft analyzing data before and after 1998 , ie the year in the Netherlands, it became mandatory for all cars to be fitted with an anti-theft engine immobilizer . No surprise anyone that after this project , the number of car thefts dropped .

But no restraint systems in themselves are the ones that make the thefts to stop. For thieves their methods continue to steal even cars equipped with this system. Making the system work is to hinder robber who , like almost everyone has an opportunistic behavior . I mean, he walks down the street in search of a target whose value exceeds the risk to expose him. When immobilization systems have become mandatory in most cases the risk was not covered by the value of the car , which is why low rates such property theft .

In Romania , these security systems are not mandatory , so do not risk that next time you find your car in the parking lot , is much higher. So what to do ?


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