Traditions of St. Basil, to go well all year

On January 1 , unmarried girls interwoven twigs of apple , which hangs basil, a handkerchief , a silver look , a string of beads and a ring. Then hide the twigs out.

Traditionally , it is said that if the day, these braids are covered with rime , will marry a rich man. Otherwise, they will marry a poor man .

Unmarried girls go to the barn or pigsty , cow or pig foot strike and say ” this year ” or “next year ” . If Squeal pig or cow moves from the first call, the girl will marry in the coming months . If any of the following moves to cry , he married Miss over one or two years .

The first person you should enter the house on the day of St. Basil to be a man. Elders say that the year will be rich or poor , depending on the financial situation of the visitor.

On January 1 is better to pour wine on the table to break a glass white to overthrow the matchbook or give alms to a poor man to get lucky all year . The same applies if you experience a ringing in my left ear .

If , on the day of St. Basil , after washing your face, wipe with a towel to put a gold or silver coin , will be clean and healthy all year .

However, if you sleep in the day , you risk being lazy all year

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