June. Kiss of Midnight.

New Year’s Eve is the second most painful moment after Valentine’s Day for single people . The difference is the new year , ” pain ” you only 60 seconds , not 24 hours full of sweet nothings and romantic moments . So if you’re the only one New Year’s Eve , do not take a strange man kissed but rather embraces a dear friend .

July . Do not wash dishes .

Finally a superstition that is to our liking ! Huh girls? It is said that on the night of the new year does not have to wash dishes because you banish luck . So make yourself comfortable on the couch and let the dishes pile up for the day !

August . Eat , eat , eat !

While sitting comfortably on the couch, that ‘s what you’re not allowed to wash dishes … make eating and eating, then you have time to lose ! If you want to have a plentiful year , eat at 12 midnight , 12 grapes , one for each month. But if you want to go well all year and things go forward without problems , do not put on the table for New Year’s chicken – eating birds when land spreading , and so you will run and tie luck .


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