Epiphany traditions and customs, why not lend money…

BOBOTEAZA: Celebrated every year on January 6, Epiphany is the most important Christian holiday after Christmas, when the waters are sanctified, women play all night before, and the destiny of love is released.

BOBOTEAZA IS ONE of the most important religious holidays . Feast of Theophany includes , besides blessing of water , some popular beliefs , including the spectacular swimming race of men out of the water trying to cross thrown by a priest and a habit practiced by girls who put basil in the pillow to dream one.

Theophany or Epiphany , 6 January , the day with the Holy Prophet John the Forerunner , celebrated on January 7 , marks the end of winter holidays and also those dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Epiphany is one of the most important holidays for both Orthodox Christians and the Catholics .

In Romanian , the day of Epiphany includes specific reasons Christmas holidays . Thus, in some areas they wander , are made and magic rituals and incantations , to find the weird , are prophecies about the new year.


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