Epiphany, the day when the water becomes “alive”

Water eternal symbol of life, rebirth and regeneration , and the purification becomes a central element of the celebration of the Epiphany . On this day , priests sanctify and purify all water earth believers’ homes , sprinkling them with holy water . It is believed that the Holy Spirit’s power is so great that in this day remain holy waters up to 8 weeks after the Epiphany … This is why people are told that it is better to do laundry in the eight days after celebration or else you risk ‘ defile ‘ waters .

Water consecrated in church on Epiphany is said to have miraculous properties and purifying twice higher than during other celebrations since it was consecrated by the Holy Spirit calling bent . It is water that does not spoil the whole year and you can help in case of sickness , sorrow and suffering , the water remains fresh and palatable ( “alive ” ) throughout the year , holy water and healing is known the great holy water . It therefore retains the place of honor next to the icon


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