BOBOTEAZA: Pagan Traditions that have lasted until today

January 6 is suitable purification ( faith transmitted by the Celts ) removal spells and curses , all now in country sprinkle animals , stables and gardens with holy water to protect them from evil .

Moreover , in many villages, women do spells spoken over the water , which are transmitted from generation to generation and varies from one household to another , for the family and outhouses to clean the charms and evil and be away from them all year .

The ancient Greeks were organized during this period feasts dedicated to the god Dionysus , which is drunk , but spent men and women separately. Nowadays, in some regions , immediately after the Epiphany , in the evening and night of St. John is organized parties married women called Jordan .

Women of the village gather in large numbers at the house of one of them and bring them cooked , but especially drink more liquor. On this special day , order rules be suspended village : women are stronger than men, spend noisy, out on the streets and take up the men , threatening them fall into the water. Men need to redeem by paying the price asked by women liters of wine


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