BOBOTEAZA: holy water, holy water in church service

” Holy water , holy water in church service , when the priest is called upon it the power of the Holy Spirit , for it to have the power to sanctify human life and surrounding nature , because they to gain the blessing of the Lord. Water is the symbol of spiritual cleansing , promoting and holiness of life . Baptism of the Lord , holy water is high , it is taken before the anaphora , and give to those who are hindered from Communion , the reinforcement to the hope of repentance , of consolation and straightening their future ( Apostolic Constitutions VIII , 29) . “

” Living Water ” is always fresh no signs of deterioration or aging because it resides in divine grace . Water is sanctified by a priest in a sermon and is of two kinds : small holy water ( when there is service for ” blessing the little water ” ) and high holy water ( when is ” the great blessing of water ” day Epiphany ) .


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