Also, there is the habit of consuming high holy water for 8 days , on the eve of the feast of the Epiphany until the end on January 13 and then on days of fasting or fasting holiday . Of holy water on an empty stomach is always taste . Elders say that holy water is good and the evil eye , but also to ward off evil or attacks of nerves , fear, panic , etc. .

Meanwhile, the intrepid young tend to bathe in water because according to tradition, will be safe from diseases and bad luck all year . Before doing so , it was customary for the priest to throw a cross into the water . It is time that , according to popular belief, the devils out of the water and run over fields and Pastures , only able to see his or her torn the wolves . Avoid talking so bad in this day and did not even bring the ” unclean ” even in jest if you want to attract the evil spirits .

All to keep away evil spirits and purify the air, and water , hunters and rangers villages have a habit of firing shots over the water , and that the young people to light fires on the hills and jump over them when the flame subsides .


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