About holy water brought from the church is believed to be miraculous . There are a few drops of holy water sufficient to cure the evil eye in children, attacks of nerves , alcohol or even sterility passions . Conversely, if the holy water breaks , it is believed that the house was a curse .

And the weather becomes magical significance . So if you beat the North Wind , the year will be fruitful if the trees are full of frost , abundance and health.

Another commonly linked to getting married girls say to eat a cake flour salt before bedtime. The one I dream that brings water is weird for you.

In some parts of the country practiced ritual candles . In a bowl of water put two candles , and if they attract, face its destiny with the man she loved .

In Bucovina , Epiphany is going caroling and lights ” Epiphany fire .” When the flames lose their intensity, young jump over the fire to purify and get rid of sins.

Before, young girls knew they had to be petite until Epiphany . In the villages of Brasov , is still today the habit of going to ” zăuritul ” on January 7 , for St. John, the people wearing the holy name .


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