In villages in the north , in the old days women would gather in large groups and went home to someone jelly , boiled wheat and red wine. After dinner , they sang and played all night and morning went out on the street and forcibly took men to the river , which he threatened to throw them into the water. The whole ritual is called ” Iordănitul women .”

Also now in some regions occur in community integration wife young married women wetting with water from a well or river . On the night of Epiphany , young tied on their ring red silk thread and a piece of basil for the weird dream . It also says that girls who fall on ice on the day of Epiphany will be increased in that year. Superstition holds true for men.

However, who is fasting before and basil placed under the pillow on the eve of Epiphany is the one chance to dream tonight .

” Watering Ions ” takes place in Transylvania and Bukovina. In Bucovina , the doors of all who bear this name put a Christmas tree , and he throws a party with musicians . In Transylvania those who bear this name are carried with great pomp through the village to the river where they are baptized / purified.


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