Traditions and superstitions New Year in Scotland – In Scotland , New Year is called ” Hogmanay ” . In some villages are on rolls of tar, which are then allowed to roll on the streets. The old year is burned and the new one is allowed to come. Like the Romans , Scots believe that the first person will enter the house for the New Year will bring either good luck or bad luck. Year will be lucky if a black man who brings a gift.

Traditions and superstitions of Chinese New Year – Chinese New Year is celebrated somewhere between January 17 and February 19 , when New Moon, ” Yuan Tan .” Chinese people around the world take part in the street procession where thousands of lanterns are lit . They I believe that evil spirits are everywhere at the time , so remove them light fireworks .

Traditions and superstitions New Year in Japan – For Japanese New Year, ” Oshogatsu ” is one of the most important holidays. In December , organized ” forget the year party ” or ” Bonenkai ” that people leave behind the worries of the issues you are about to end . Eve , at midnight , families go to the nearest temple to share sake and to assist in the 108 strikes gong announcing the passage of the new year .

Customs and superstitions New Year varies from country to country , some were ” upgraded” , while others have been forgotten or ignored by the new generations .

Either way, the fact is that , on the night of the year , we must do one important thing : do not forget to put a wish and to welcome the new year with high hopes


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