New Year Superstitions – It is said that the first man who will cross the threshold of the house on the first day of the new year will influence all year . People blondes or redheads bad luck , while the brunette good luck.

Similarly, if the first person who enters your home is man ‘s luck, and if a woman , unlucky .

New Year’s Traditions – Everything in Eve , unmarried girls have to put in a pot with water wire basil , a branch of apple and money in the morning visindu the one they will marry .

At midnight on New Year should open the door for the old year to go out, and the new to enter .

New Year’s Traditions – A habit that you practice lovers kissing under the mistletoe is to be accompanied by love all year .

At the turn of the year , the elders say , is good for everyone to wear a new coat and some red or another color dishes to attract positive energies .

And if the novel is the way out of superstitions , well, any remaining nations are not far from us.

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