7 Epiphany traditions that bring you luck all year

Annually, on January 6 , celebrate the baptism of Jesus Christ, or Epiphany . Just like all the other holidays of the year , and the Epiphany Orthodox Christians observe certain customs and traditions preserved from generation to generation. Are you curious how you can bring well-being in the home and how you can stay out of trouble in the coming year ? Here are some of the most important traditions of Epiphany.

One . Its weird for unmarried girls dream

On the eve of Epiphany , on January 5th , unmarried girls who want to find their destined silk ties a red thread and a sprig of basil holy ring finger and put another sprig of basil under the pillow . It is said that the man she dreams it is predestined .

For the ritual to take effect, it is good to keep unmarried girls post and say prayers on the eve of Epiphany .

Two . Women do not wash clothes

Another Epiphany tradition says that this holy day , and the next 7 , women are not allowed to wash clothes , to avoid attracting trouble in the family. Epiphany , priests and holy water holy water divide believers and washing clothes would dirty water spurcarea .

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