Young people do not respect the traditions

Unfortunately, the traditions inherited from ancestors began but it is lost. Only old people trying to follow as much as I can . Young housewives do not know for years what to do or even if they know , do not have time to practice . “We go to church and give alms coils with candles . How many have died , many candles light up , that’s the light that will be on the other side . I go to church, but my daughter has a job and has no time , “said Adela Ciobanu from Vaslui common Stephen the Great.
Coordinated loads Hacman and Maura Lucia Anghel

In Suceava , shoemakers guild is celebrating the day of Ovidenie , the feast being chosen as the protector of those who practice this craft . The tradition is still preserved today, and shoemakers elderly gather at Assumption Church Iţcani neighborhood . They attend services honoring the artisans shoemakers, who maintain the honor of the guild organization of 197 years. The first meeting of shoemakers in the church took place in 1883 , on Ovideniilor . Since then lights up , year after year , a special candle which initially had 1.80 meters , and has now reached 80 centimeters.


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